This is my story about a girl named Jackie and she has a dream to fly.You can read my story and comment on it!

My Goals



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                                                                       My Scary Beast 
Watch out Everyone There is a huge beast behind you! Run as fast as you can. Its face is a giant pumpkin, and it has Trick or Treat hands, and skeleton bones for his arm. He is as big as a rock giant, probably the hugest giant in the whole wide world. His hair is as small as a plant growing in the sun. Only like 20 to 30 hairs but, like I said really short. 
Whew! We are saved in our house now I can tell about the rest of his body. His eyes are upside down, meaning like a pumpkin but one is right and the other is upside down. It is really weird. His legs are like a stick, really strait and small almost like his hair, and he also has a stick sticking out from behind his head it is orange. Last or maybe least is his mouth, it is not at all like a real pumpkin would probably have but, it has again upside down lips that are sharp. 
pumplin pather